Games I Love: No Man’s Sky, Part 2: Now What?

It’s been roughly two months since No Man’s Sky came out. I’ve played the game off and on since the day it came out. Not sure how many hours worth exactly, but it’s been enough to get to the point where I’ve lost interest in the game. There’s been a bit of controversy around the game, about false advertising and mostly negative reviews. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed playing the game and it’s given me several hours of enjoyment, but the game, despite its near infinite number of worlds to explore, has a very limited number of things you can do. read more

On Video Games

My weekends are pretty busy lately with holiday parties and social obligations. While at a holiday party on Sunday, we broke out my brand-new copy of Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Superheroes to play in two-player mode and it was loads of fun. We passed the controller back and forth between people while playing the missions, switching between characters on the fly. My favorite to play was Black Widow, especially once I got the stinger upgrade that let you shock multiple opponents. Defeating Loki was tough. We had to restart and level up some more characters so we could switch out the team but we finally got him on the second run-through, though just barely. I do like that you can switch in new characters once you die so it’s not just a one-and-done sort of deal. read more