Announcing Jenna’s Patreon!

I’ve started out on an interesting new venture: Patreon. I come from a mostly fanfiction background, so the idea of taking money for my work is still a little new and weird for me, but I do plan to eventually maybe transition into writing full-time so this is a sort of second step in that direction. (The first step, of course, being the anthologies I’ve been published in.) All of the money actually goes toward production costs, so it’s not like the money is really going to me, but maybe one day some might. read more

Comics I Love: Noisome (Possibly 18+)

Creator: tatouji – Facebook

Noisome is just getting started but it’s pretty interesting so far. It’s available in both English and Spanish.

Coen is a psychiatrist who gets too wrapped up in his patients. Noi is a writer with psychological issues, namely that he can’t stand being around most people. They become roommates. …and that’s all that’s happened so far.

I’m really interested in the characters. Both Coen and Noi have friends that are sounding boards. Noi’s friend Bibi comes off as a bit of a caretaker for Noi. He’s definitely used to Noi’s peculiarities and up on the hidden idiosyncrasies and secrets that have yet to be fully revealed. Coen’s unnamed friend seems viciously blunt and hints at something dire happening if Coen doesn’t get—and keep—a roommate for his massive house. Apparently Coen has “ridiculously high standards” about who he lives with, but Noi seems to be fitting in where others haven’t. For starters, Coen’s cat takes to Noi instantly, which is unusual for the cat. (It’s a really cute cat!) read more

Comics I Love: Victim. Gate of Spirits (18+)

Creator: Lina and Corey

I know the title implies it, but I FUCKING LOVE THIS COMIC.

Victim. Gate of Spirits is a fantasy comic set in a world where magical creatures roam the swamps. Unfortunately, most of those creatures are dangerous. Ivo’s swamp village is under attack by undead creature coming out of the depths of the swamps and the attacks keep getting worse with every new attack. Most of the village’s warriors are away, but Ivo’s skilled enough to hold his own. Ivo volunteers to go out with two other warriors to search for the source of the attacks. Ivo gets split from the others and ends up poisoned by an “Ancient”. Thankfully, Ivo’s long-lost friend Dragosh shows up in the nick of time to save him! read more

Comics I Love: Avialae (18+)

Creator: Lucid – Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt

In preparation for the LGBTQ Webcomics panel I’m running at Anime North this year, I started trawling through some of my favorite webcomics. Those comics led me to other comics, and it was pretty much a whole day lost in reading awesome visual fiction. (And becoming something of a Patreon sugar daddy to support said comic artists.) I’ll be posting about all of my favorites in the coming weeks, but first I wanted to talk about Avialae. The creator’s going to be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend and I’m hoping to stalk say hello and possibly throw money at her for merchandise. read more