New Orleans Food Hates Me

Last week I was in New Orleans for a tech conference. The conference itself was nothing to write home about, but I did enjoy the bits of the city that I got to see, even if the food apparently hates me. We got in on Monday night and, after depositing our bags in our rooms, we headed out for a late dinner, looking for something local. We were staying in the Warehouse District, right next to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, which could practically be considered a city in its own right. Our conference was in Hall H. I never saw past Hall E. The thing is 1.1 million square feet. Million. Sixth largest convention center in the nation. Anyways, we wandered down Convention Center Boulevard and ended up at Mulates. I have several food allergies including thyme and bell pepper so I ordered the alligator unseasoned. It was great. It came with a twice-baked potato. I’m okay with potatoes. It was covered in cheese. What could go wrong? The potato was spicy. My lips started to burn. By the time I got back to my hotel room I was having an allergic reaction. (Not anaphylactic, thankfully.) So, that was fun. read more

Why I’m Never Flying Delta Again (if I can help it)

2 days
5 airports
9 flight changes

Day 1:

My merry band of travelers started off the day in good spirits. Our trip down to New Orleans on Monday had gone smoothly. The conference was over. We got a nice little taste of New Orleans (more on that next post) and we were all ready to head back to Buffalo to our respective spouses, children, and/or pets. Our boss is an experienced traveller and Delta Diamond so he had the timing down on when to head to the airport and all that. We left our hotel at 11:15am Central Time (12:15pm EST) to head to the airport. Security was a bit backed up but not much of a hassle. We went straight to our gate and settled down to get on our 1:15pm (2:15pm EST). read more