TV Shows I Love: Luke Cage

The latest in an awesome line of Marvel-Netflix collaborations dropped on Friday and I have devoured the show, mostly thanks to obsessed friends who wanted to binge on it and also thanks to a weekend with very little in the way of plans. We started watching early Saturday and then finished up at 1am this morning, with interruptions for sleep, food, shopping, and gaming. So, what did I think of it?

It was an impressive use of a diverse cast and I wish that such casting was less of an exception to the status quo. I’m white, but damn am I tired of seeing shows full of pasty white people when there are so many ethnicities that are underrepresented. Luke Cage, which is set in Harlem, is blissfully free of more than a few token white people and I love that. Mike Coulter is amazing as Luke Cage. His presence is like a wall, strong and powerful, just like the character is supposed to be. You can bash yourself against that wall all you want, but it won’t move and it won’t break. Rosario Dawson is brilliant and a sweetheart as Claire Temple. She’s definitely my favorite female character, though the side character Aisha came across strongly for me. I could see Aisha dawning spandex to fight crime with a baseball bat, being as bad-ass as anyone else on the streets. read more