I recently launched a Patreon to convert older short stories into professional quality e-books, with a side of trying out audiobook production. I’ll be taking each story, most of which are around the 5,000-word mark and expanding them into the 15-30k range or longer. That’s a minimum of 10,000 words of new content a month. The new stories will then be beta read, edited by a professional editor, and turned into professional-grade e-books that are sent out to backers first and then released to the public on a three-month delay.

July’s Story: Wild Moon Company

Wild Moon Company is the story of a world at war. An ongoing conflict on the European front brings specialist  Elias McAllister as the newest recruit to the Wild Moon Company. But packs don’t take kindly to unannounced additions and Elias isn’t a werewolf.  He’s something much, much worse. You can read the current version (7k) on Archive of Our Own.

Future Stories:

A new story will be voted on by Patreons at the $5 level or higher, chosen from the following options:

A Day in the Life of Edmond Holloway (M/M paranormal, currently 3k)

Contains: demons, magic

Will be removing the references to Watchers/the Buffy universe since they’re blink-and-you’ll miss it references.

The Alpha and the Omega (M/M paranormal, currently 2.5k)

Contains: soulmates, ABO-verse, light D/s

Alex has always dreamed of finding his mate, of walking into a room and just knowing that there was someone there that was his perfect match. Roger grew up reading far too many romance novels about Alphas sweeping their Omegas off their feet and he can’t believe that it’s finally his turn for pre-destined love.

The Boy in the Tower (M/M fairy tale, currently 3k)

Contains: crossdressing

Rapunzel retelling.

Burning Bright (M/M steampunk, currently 2.5k)

Contains: off-screen abuse, androids, magic

Jasper is an artificial being created by Lord Alric as a prototype for automated servants. While Jasper can’t speak, he still feels strongly for his creator, even if Alric isn’t the brightest sometimes. Take, for example, Alric’s many failed relationships. Jasper hates standing by and watching his lord get his heart broken again and again, but Jasper turns especially heated when Lord Auberon breaks more than Alric’s heart.

E Nomine Patre (M/M/M fantasy, currently 3k)

Contains: threesome, light D/s, priests, demons, angels, aftermath of torture

Paul can’t seem to stop thinking about the demon his superiors keep trapped in the ballroom. He knows it’s wrong. Demons are evil, but he pities this one. It’s trapped and alone, given barely enough room to lie down. Paul is fascinated. There’s a prayer room with a crack in the floor that lets him watch the demon from secret and he becomes witness to a secret the church has held for far too long.

Grim (M/M/F paranormal, currently 3.5k)

Contains: bisexuality, polyamorous married couple, grim reaper, animal transformation

Paul finds an injured black dog in the woods. He brings it home, not expecting it to last the night. When morning comes, the dog’s still alive. It stays for another day and then leaves when Paul’s wife returns from her latest work trip. Despite being used to being on his own for long stretches of time, Paul finds it harder this time when his life leaves. He considers getting a dog of his own until he meets a handsome stranger in town who’s in need of a place to stay for a few days. The stranger seems strangely familiar and Paul can’t help but thinking back to the dog in the woods.

Hidden Treasure (M/M steampunk, currently 7k)

Contains: light bondage

Steampunk pirate adventure.

Mated (M/M/M fantasy, currently 4.5k)

Contains: threesome, soulbonds, double penetration

The worst thing possible happens to Sydney—he’s chosen as the bondmate of a newly-promoted Arc mage. Sydney’s only in his third year of the Academy but a bond would never work between him and some stranger. Besides, Sydney’s already in a relationship and he’s not about to give up his relationship with Cedric for anything or anyone. Screw tradition!

Missed Measures (M/M fantasy, currently 4.5k)

Contains: magic

A failed magical experiment leads to the summoning of a strange creature.

New Arrival (M/M sci-fi, currently 7.5k)

Contains: xeno

Ambassador sent to a new alien world to build a trade relationship.

Shade (M/M and M/F with genderfluid character, fantasy, currently 3k)

Contains: magic, Dominance/submission

Sins of the Father (M/M sci-fi, currently 11k)

Contains: half-brother incest, sci-fi

Spoils of War (M/M fantasy, currently 4k)

Contains: slavery, xeno, public sex, light D/s

After his country loses a war against the neighboring elven kingdom, farmer-turned-soldier Bryton is given a choice: return to hard labor on the elven farms or take on a new life as a pleasure slave. Bryton finds life at the teahouse rewarding. He may not be paid, but he’s clothed, fed, and housed better than he’d ever imagined before the war. Plus, having sex with the fantastical beings who stop at the teahouse is hardly work at all.

Those Left Behind (M/M urban fantasy, currently 6k)

Contains: sibling incest, faeries, past abuse

Toward Silver Spires (M/M sci-fi, currently 7.5k)

Contains: aliens

Isaac was too young to remember when the invasion happened.

The World Between (M/M paranormal, currently 6k)

Contains: Parent/Son Incest, Angels, Magic