Kritter Tales Anthology 50% Off Today Only


The Kritter Tales Anthology is 50% off at today only in honor of Earth Day.  If you like cute stories of people falling in love thanks to their pets, you’ll definitely like this. My story in this anthology is “Princess Cocoa Puff”, which is named after my actual cat, though the description in the book is nothing like her aside from them both being very diva.

The cat was a scrawny, scraggly thing, more fur than flesh and possessing a terrible yowl. It was a black and brown calico with thick, fluffy hair that seemed too short in spots, like someone had taken a bite out of the thing’s fur at odd intervals. It opened its mouth and let out another ear-piercing yowl, showing off two rows of very impressive teeth. Andrew eyed the cat from across the room, half afraid of getting bitten if he came too close. read more

Big Gay Fiction & Conferences

I’ve been diving deeper down the podcast rabbit hole. This week I’ve been catching up on Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast on iTunes. I started out with the most recent (as of this post) episode: Episode 28 – Rainbow Book Fair Wrap Up, 13 Author Interviews, 8 Musicals Reviewed & Lots More I started with that episode since I’d been interested in going to the Fair but found out about it too late to make travel plans, and I’m familiar with a number of the authors and publishers that were in attendance. All in all, I enjoyed the episode, even listening to them talk about things that weren’t in my interests (theater and reality TV) since they’re obviously very passionate about the subjects they cover and it’s great hearing people talk about things that they love. I’ve been going back through from the start now catching up on past episodes, and they’ve definitely got that same passion in every episode. I also like how they shoot a video version of each show (though I’ve been sticking to audio-only since I’ve been listening to it while doing other things) and the notes on their website are great for following up on things they mention. read more

Demons Use Doorbells

A friend of mine got me into the Black Tapes Podcast. It’s a great show, and I’m really into it and the mythology is fascinating. The podcast focuses on Alex Reagan, a journalist from Pacific Northwest Stories, who wants to start a series about people who pursue unusual occupations. Her first interview changes the whole focus of her series, focusing instead on one individual – Dr. Richard Strand – who debunks paranormal hoaxes. Alex starts looking into a set of old VHS tapes in Strand’s office – the Black Tapes – which leads her to, among many other things, a child (Sebastien Torres) haunted by a tall shadowy figure and a institutionalized former-mute (Simon Reese) with a fascination with summoning through “demon doors”. read more

Getting Back At It

I’ve been very bad with keeping up with this website. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy writing but instead I basically left a good but boring job for a horrible job and then found an awesome job that’s been pulling my focus. I do have a novella, Love Bites, in with Rooster & Pig Publishing but it’s still in editing rounds and I let myself fall into the false confidence trap. My brain was like “okay, I’m working on Love Bites, I’m being productive” but there’s a lot of downtime in editing. I was thinking of the whole ‘getting published’ process like a circle (write -> edit -> publish -> write) when really it’s more like a bunch of parallel lines. Write one thing, see it through to the end, but keep writing while your other works are going through the publishing machine. Even when you’ve got something going out, keep creating new things. Never stop writing. read more

Kritter Tales Available

The Kritter Tales anthology, which contains my story “Princess Cocoa Puff” is now available at the low price of $4.99!

After a horrible breakup, Andrew’s best friend thinks the perfect thing to cheer him up is a new cat, Princess Cocoa Puff. The cat keeps breaking out of the house, leading Andrew to 301 Winspear, home of his hot neighbor Darren. Seems Puff thinks she can play matchmaker for two humans that are meant to be together.

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