Movies I’m Looking Forward To: June 2016 Edition

Despite being my birth month, there’s actually not much I want to see, except for one very important movie.

Independence Day: Resurgence – June 24

This is probably the best late birthday present I could ever get. I love the first movie. It’s one of my go-to ‘throw something on in the background’ movies and I watch it every year around (if not on) July 4th. It’s a tradition. Easily one of my all-time favorite movies and I’m so stoked that it’s getting a sequel. I’m a little sad Will Smith couldn’t be in it, but I have the faintest hope that he’ll show up in the end as a fantastic cameo. This is one of those movies where if it’s as good as I hope, I’ll be seeing it in theaters multiple times like the addict I am. read more

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: April/May 2016 Edition

Okay, so I’m a bit of a movie fan. I may have recently bought a second DVD shelf because I filled the one that fits 300-ish DVDs and then mostly filled the new one as I reorganized┬ámy DVDs. (I need more shelves!) So, for those of you who are like me and love to hit the movies, here’s a few things I’m looking forward to.

Keanu – Out Today!

I can’t wait to see this! Hopefully, I’ll have a chance in the midst of everything that’s going on this weekend. Keanu is a new edition in the list of Comedy Central gold that’s spun out of Key & Peele. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s on Hulu. Apparently they used seven different shelter kittens that they trained to do all the stunts in the movie. The kittens, of course, have all been adopted out by now. If you want some laughs and cute kitten(s), check this one out. read more