Movies I’m Looking Forward To: March 2017 Edition

January and February were fairly low on movies I was interested in, though if you haven’t seen Hidden Figures or Rogue One and they’re still playing near you, get thee to a theater. (Or wait for the DVD.) Both were solid movies. But now, on to the months ahead and March is looking good.

Beauty and the Beast – March 17

I’m not a Disney fanatic, but I shared a womb with one so there’s no doubt I’m going to see this movie. Beauty and the Beast is actually one of my favorites out of the older Disney movies and so far the remake looks delightful. Mostly. I adore the casting of Emma Watson as Belle and Luke Evans as Gaston, but what they did to Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Potts, and the other enchanted servants is absolutely dreadful. The teapot with human eyes is the stuff of nightmares. Aside from cringing every time one of those characters is onscreen, it does look like an enjoyable movie and it looks like they’re keeping a lot of the musical numbers that make Beauty and the Beast a classic. read more

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: December 2016 Edition

December is short and sweet since there’s really only one movie I’m looking forward to, but it promises to be a good one.

Assassin’s Creed – December 21

Going to have to sneak this one in either before or after the Christmas visit to my parents because it is so not their type of movie. I’ve played the first few of the many games in the Assassin’s Creed series, which put you in the point-of-view of a modern day person who’s been taken captive by a shadowy research lab to gain access to the memories of his (or her) genetic ancestor. In this case, that’s series newcomer Callum Lynch, played by the fabulous Michael Fassbender, who delves into the memories of his assassin ancestor Aguilar in 15th Century Spain. I expect a lot of sneakily stabbing people, parkour, and jumping off of tall buildings for no damn good reason. read more

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: November 2016 Edition

October was a complete bust as far as things I was actually interested in seeing in theaters, but November more than makes up for it with three solid movies that are sure to delight.

Doctor Strange – November 4

The next in the growing line of Marvel Cinematic Universe stories, this film introduces us to core Avengers member, Doctor Strange. I believe he’s also the first non-mutant magic-user introduced in the universe. (Scarlet Witch being the mutant daughter of Magneto, though her magic isn’t actually part of her mutation.) I never read much Doctor Strange growing up, though he has popped up in fanfiction from time to time, so his origin story is fairly new to me. I’m interested in seeing what Bandicoot Cumbersnatch does with the role, though as much as I adore Tilda Swinton, why’d they cast a white woman in the role of an old Asian man? read more

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: September 2016 Edition

I skipped August 2016 since there wasn’t much coming out that interested me. September’s a late-bloomer in terms of movies I’m interested in so the end of the month is going to be a busy time for me trying to hit the theaters as everything comes out around the same time.

Magnificent Seven – September 23

My father got me into westerns when I was a kid, and while I don’t watch them too often, I’m willing to dip back into the genre for this remake of a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s amazing Seven Samurai. This remake has a star-studded cast including Denzel Washington, Matt Bomer, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Ethan Hawke. I expect there to be people on horses and bar fights and a whole lot of people getting shot. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed. read more

Movies I’m Looking Forward To: July 2016 Edition

July is all about beloved franchises for me, both hitting late in the month.

Star Trek Beyond – July 22

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Trekkie. I’ve watched all of the classic TV shows—Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager—and all of the movies. Basically, if it has the Star Trek name on it, I’ll give it a shot. I even watched a bit of Enterprise, though I couldn’t really get into that one but I might give it another shot if it’s ever on streaming. There is no doubt I’ll be in the theater for this one either opening day or close to it. I’m in love with the movie reboots. I love how they’ve veered from canon into their own unique thing. I love how the aliens are alien and gorgeous and so real. I’m particularly interested in seeing what the story is with the white and black alien girl in this is, especially if she gets to stick around. You can never have too many badass females lurking in the crew. read more