Kritter Tales Anthology 50% Off Today Only


The Kritter Tales Anthology is 50% off at today only in honor of Earth Day.  If you like cute stories of people falling in love thanks to their pets, you’ll definitely like this. My story in this anthology is “Princess Cocoa Puff”, which is named after my actual cat, though the description in the book is nothing like her aside from them both being very diva.

The cat was a scrawny, scraggly thing, more fur than flesh and possessing a terrible yowl. It was a black and brown calico with thick, fluffy hair that seemed too short in spots, like someone had taken a bite out of the thing’s fur at odd intervals. It opened its mouth and let out another ear-piercing yowl, showing off two rows of very impressive teeth. Andrew eyed the cat from across the room, half afraid of getting bitten if he came too close. read more