Announcing Jenna’s Patreon!

I’ve started out on an interesting new venture: Patreon. I come from a mostly fanfiction background, so the idea of taking money for my work is still a little new and weird for me, but I do plan to eventually maybe transition into writing full-time so this is a sort of second step in that direction. (The first step, of course, being the anthologies I’ve been published in.) All of the money actually goes toward production costs, so it’s not like the money is really going to me, but maybe one day some might. read more

“Flight” Anthology Out Now

A while ago, the Queer Science Fiction group on Facebook had a flash fiction contest based on the word “flight”. My entry was one of the ones chosen for inclusion in the anthology that came out of the contest. If you like flash fiction, I recommend checking it out.

The 2016 Queer Sci-Fi Flash Fiction Anthology – “Flight”

A 300-word story should be easy, right? Many of our entrants say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever written.

Queer Sci Fi’s Annual Flash Fiction Contest challenges authors to write a complete LGBTQ speculative fiction micro-story on a specific theme. “Flight” leaves much for the authors to interpret—winged creatures, flight and space vehicles, or fleeing from dire circumstances. read more

Kritter Tales Available

The Kritter Tales anthology, which contains my story “Princess Cocoa Puff” is now available at the low price of $4.99!

After a horrible breakup, Andrew’s best friend thinks the perfect thing to cheer him up is a new cat, Princess Cocoa Puff. The cat keeps breaking out of the house, leading Andrew to 301 Winspear, home of his hot neighbor Darren. Seems Puff thinks she can play matchmaker for two humans that are meant to be together.

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