Movies I Love: Suicide Squad

I’ve been hearing a lot of negative reviews about Suicide Squad. I haven’t actually read the reviews because I generally don’t. I know Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 38% in their critical reviews and I have to wonder if they watched the same movie I did. Obviously, like the title of the post says, I loved the movie. I thought it was an uncharacteristic success for DC in terms of comic book movies and they did right by one of my all-time favorite characters, Harley Quinn.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller, a high-ranking government agency, puts together a team of supervillains who have been captured or incarcerated, sticks mini bombs in their necks so they’ll behave or be blown up, and then sends them on missions against other metahumans that have a high likelihood of getting them killed. As you might have guessed it from the mini bombs mention, Amanda Waller is the queen of Not A Good Person. She’s ruthless and has little regard for human life if it doesn’t suit her needs. She’s actually more of a villain than the villains she controls. In the comics, she’s actually the cause of a lot of bad things that happen in the DC universe. read more

Movies I Love: Ghostbusters (2016)

I just got back from the movies and I have to say, all my fears of the new Ghostbusters reboot not living up to its predecessor? FEARS GONE! Whoosh! Out the window! (Like many other things in the movie.)

I’ve been a bad pop culture fan and haven’t seen anything since, I think, Crimson Peak, but this was definitely a worthy choice to dip my toe back into giving the entertainment industry lots of my money. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones rocked it. There wasn’t a single moment where I was like “this is a totally implausible thing for a woman to do”, which, as a woman, is an incredibly bizarre thing to worry about but I blame all the dude-bro bashing pre-release. These women nailed it. Kristen Wiig’s character Erin was all up in that science shit that went way over my head because I stopped studying Physics around force maps and gravitational pull, but she rocked the shit out of the “trying to be a respectable scientist but secret nerd at heart” vibe. And Melissa McCarthy’s Abby was just out there, no-holds-bards nerding it up and loving every second of it. Also, her interactions with the delivery boy Bennie were hysterical. I love Bennie. read more

Movies I Love: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I’ve been pretty lax about going to the movies lately (I haven’t even seen Captain America: Civil War yet! What kind of nerd am I!?) but OnDemand movies are my friend. Now, I love me some Jane Austen but I’m not so keen on zombie movies. There are three I like (Zombieland, Warm Bodies, and Shaun of the Dead) and the rest of the genre gets ignored, but I found this a surprisingly good mashup.

Lily James is wonderful as an action-packed Lizzie Bennett, reminding me so much of Keira Knightly in the older Pride and Prejudice movie that I often forgot that James was not, in fact, Keira Knightly. Sam Riley was an interesting choice for Mr. Darcy. My immediate first impression was “he’s not handsome enough to be Darcy” and then I smacked myself because Darcy’s not supposed to be handsome. Riley does play the rather war-minded Colonel Darcy very well and I was immediately taken in by how convincing a soldier he made. This is a setting where survival hangs on a very thin balance so handsomeness need not apply when good fighting skills apply—an opinion Lizzie most certainly agrees with. read more