BishounenCon on Geeks Out

My first article for Geeks Out is up and it’s a review of BishounenCon 2017.

Overall, I had a blast and so did the attendees. We were short staffed, but we made it work and I think we really put on an excellent convention, especially for a first-year convention. There were some snafus, like not having a long enough HDMI cord for the panel room with AV and not being able to stream the content we were planning on from Funimation, but that’s lessons learned. Never trust streaming and no HDMI cord is long enough unless it can stretch across the room. We actually did a late-night Walmart run for a 12′ HDMI cord but that was still too short. read more

2017 Convention Schedule

It’s that wonderful time of year again: convention season! (Okay, so technically there are conventions year round, but up here in the Northeast we tend to hibernate when there’s snow on the ground.) This year’s kind of a messy and busy trifecta for me since I have BishounenCon, Yaoi North (Anime North), and RainbowCon in what feels like too short of a time. Since I’m either staff or a volunteer for all three of those, it’s a busy time of the year right now with planning and scheduling and marketing. Anyway, here’s what’s coming up: read more

Rainbow Con 2017

I’m very much looking forward to attending the 2017 iteration of Rainbow Con! Rainbow Con’s held a whole lot of firsts for me. It was the first convention I attended where I was travelling alone, the first convention where I had met literally no one that was going to be there and really had only barely met some of the people who’d be there while working with them online, and the first convention that I attended as a published author. I was a volunteer at both the 2014 and 2015 convention (since at this point, I’m so used to running the conventions I’m at that it feels wrong to go to a convention and just attend) and it was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun. read more

Happy Gay Romance Literature Retreat Weekend!

GRL (Gay Romance Lit Retreat) is going on in Kansas City, MO this week and while I couldn’t make it, I know a lot of awesome people who are going to be there. I really wish I could be there to enjoy the fun, but since I can’t, I’d like to live vicariously through all of you. So, tell me, what authors are you excited to meet this weekend and/or what are your favorite books that you’ve picked up while there? (And for those of us playing along at home, who do you wish you could meet and what are your favorite books by said author?) read more

Big Gay Fiction & Conferences

I’ve been diving deeper down the podcast rabbit hole. This week I’ve been catching up on Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast on iTunes. I started out with the most recent (as of this post) episode: Episode 28 – Rainbow Book Fair Wrap Up, 13 Author Interviews, 8 Musicals Reviewed & Lots More I started with that episode since I’d been interested in going to the Fair but found out about it too late to make travel plans, and I’m familiar with a number of the authors and publishers that were in attendance. All in all, I enjoyed the episode, even listening to them talk about things that weren’t in my interests (theater and reality TV) since they’re obviously very passionate about the subjects they cover and it’s great hearing people talk about things that they love. I’ve been going back through from the start now catching up on past episodes, and they’ve definitely got that same passion in every episode. I also like how they shoot a video version of each show (though I’ve been sticking to audio-only since I’ve been listening to it while doing other things) and the notes on their website are great for following up on things they mention. read more