Announcing Jenna’s Patreon!

I’ve started out on an interesting new venture: Patreon. I come from a mostly fanfiction background, so the idea of taking money for my work is still a little new and weird for me, but I do plan to eventually maybe transition into writing full-time so this is a sort of second step in that direction. (The first step, of course, being the anthologies I’ve been published in.) All of the money actually goes toward production costs, so it’s not like the money is really going to me, but maybe one day some might.

The idea of my Patreon, at least at the start, is to take some of the original fiction I’ve written in the past for fiction exchanges and other challenges and turn the stories into novella-length professional-quality e-books and audiobooks. I’ve never produced my own e-books or audiobooks but I’m looking forward to the challenge, especially for the audiobook portion since that’s entirely new territory for me. I have some of the higher goals set to farm the audiobooks out for professional narration, but that’s a long way off.

For the first project, I’ve chosen a story near-and-dear to me, Wild Moon Company. It’s one of the stories I’ve always thought could be done better and I’d like to expand it and explore more of the unique world that was created for it. There’re werewolves and demons and magic and priests, and there’s a lot more that can be done between the characters (and maybe more sex).

Wild Moon Company is the story of a world at war. An ongoing conflict on the European front brings specialist  Elias McAllister as the newest recruit to the Wild Moon Company. But packs don’t take kindly to unannounced additions and Elias isn’t a werewolf.  He’s something much, much worse.

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