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Happy Gay Romance Literature Retreat Weekend!

GRL (Gay Romance Lit Retreat) is going on in Kansas City, MO this week and while I couldn’t make it, I know a lot of awesome people who are going to be there. I really wish I could be there to enjoy the fun, but since I can’t, I’d like to live vicariously through all of you. So, tell me, what authors are you excited to meet this weekend and/or what are your favorite books that you’ve picked up while there? (And for those of us playing along at home, who do you wish you could meet and what are your favorite books by said author?)

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Games I Love: No Man’s Sky, Part 2: Now What?

It’s been roughly two months since No Man’s Sky came out. I’ve played the game off and on since the day it came out. Not sure how many hours worth exactly, but it’s been enough to get to the point where I’ve lost interest in the game. There’s been a bit of controversy around the game, about false advertising and mostly negative reviews. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed playing the game and it’s given me several hours of enjoyment, but the game, despite its near infinite number of worlds to explore, has a very limited number of things you can do.

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Shadow-ware and the Busy Author

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a Kickstarter addict fan. Since backing my first project in April 2012 (specifically Alex Woolfson’s Artifice comic), I’ve successfully backed 131 projects, 101 of which have delivered their product to me so far. The rest are all in the process of fulfillment, but I’ve finally encountered one of the dreaded bad eggs of Kickstarter—a project that seems to have taken all of the money and run. Now, Kickstarter backers (for the most part) are fairly patient. I’ve got projects outstanding from as far back as 2013 but they’ve been good at updating backers as to the scope of the project, problems they’ve run into, and the progress they’ve made, so I’m not worried. Some I’ve already received part of the reward—namely a digital copy of whatever book/game/etc that is being made—and am just waiting on the print version to be finished so I can check it off my list.

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TV Shows I Love: Luke Cage

The latest in an awesome line of Marvel-Netflix collaborations dropped on Friday and I have devoured the show, mostly thanks to obsessed friends who wanted to binge on it and also thanks to a weekend with very little in the way of plans. We started watching early Saturday and then finished up at 1am this morning, with interruptions for sleep, food, shopping, and gaming. So, what did I think of it?

It was an impressive use of a diverse cast and I wish that such casting was less of an exception to the status quo. I’m white, but damn am I tired of seeing shows full of pasty white people when there are so many ethnicities that are underrepresented. Luke Cage, which is set in Harlem, is blissfully free of more than a few token white people and I love that. Mike Coulter is amazing as Luke Cage. His presence is like a wall, strong and powerful, just like the character is supposed to be. You can bash yourself against that wall all you want, but it won’t move and it won’t break. Rosario Dawson is brilliant and a sweetheart as Claire Temple. She’s definitely my favorite female character, though the side character Aisha came across strongly for me. I could see Aisha dawning spandex to fight crime with a baseball bat, being as bad-ass as anyone else on the streets.

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Advertising Done Right

I’ve been listening to The No Sleep Podcast on marathon this past two weeks after my friend Vin introduced me to it. (For those interested, I was pulled in by episodes S7E16 and S7E17) At the start of each episode, is an advertisement for underwear from Third Love and despite usually hating advertisements in podcasts, I actually find these fairly engaging even though I’ve been hearing the same two ads over and over again. For my day job, I’ve been delving into the world of marketing, and so I looked at why these ads are so engaging. They made me curious about the product, even though I have no real interest in a new set of underwear but I wanted to at least take a look.

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